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Kubota 21.5HP Natural Gas Engine DG972


Kubota 3 Cylinder DG972 Natural Gas Engine 25.1HP @ 3600 RPM Tier 2

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NEW Kubota 4 Cylinder DG972-E2 Engine 25.1HP @ 3600 RPM Tier 2

25.1HP @ 3600RPM, (Has adjustable manual throttle)

Number of Cylinder 3
Type Vertical, water cooled, 4-cycle Natural Gas engine
Bore × Stroke 74.5 x 73.6 mm (2.93 x 2.90 in.)
Total Displacement 962 cm3
ISO Net Continuous 14.5 kW / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
19.4 HP / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
ISO / SAE Net Intermittent 17.6 kW / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
23.6 HP / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
SAE Gross Intermittent 18.7 kW / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
25.1 HP / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum Bare Speed 3850 to 3950 min-1 (rpm)
Minimum Bare Idling Speed 1400 to 1600 min-1 (rpm)
Cylinder Head Overhead-Valve
Ignition System Distributor-Less Solid Stage Type
Governor Centrifugal Ball Mechanical Type / Electronic Governor
Direction of Rotation Counter-Clockwise (Viewed from flywheel)
Spark Plug NGK BKR4E
Ignition Timing 0.49 rad (28 °) before T.D.C. / 3600 min-1 (rpm)
Firing Order 1-2-3
Compression Ratio 9.2 : 1
Lubricating System Forced Lubrication by Trochoid Pump
Oil Pressure Indication Electrical Type Switch
Lubricating Filter Full Flow Paper Filter (Cartridge Type)
Cooling System Pressurized Radiator (not included in the basic model), Forced Circulation with Water Pump
Starting System Electric Starting with Starter
Starting Motor 12V, 1.0 kW
Battery 12 V, 52 AH or equivalent
Charging Alternator 12 V, 480 W
Fuel Natural Gas
Lubricating Oil Better than SH Class (API)
Lubricating Oil Capacity 3.4 L (0.90 U.S.gals)
Weight (Dry) 72.0 kg (159 lbf) 95.4 kg (210 lbf)
Application General Power Source

(Includes Key Switch, Pressure Regulator, Control Box and everything else pictured.)


Brand new engine, NO CORE REQUIRED!

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